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Blog: Why I Write About Pest Control

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There’s value in a business blog. Real value. It’s so much more than a tool for getting traffic from Google (although that is a huge plus).

So why am I blogging?

Continuing Education

Remember, I am not a technician like the rest of my family. I am the general dogs-body running the business side of things. I did qualify as a technician in 2001 but since then I have chosen to remain safely behind my desk instead of out in the field. Luckily for me, when I do research I also learn.  So, when I am searching for content ideas and gathering information for my next post, I am not only providing vital information for you, but also educating myself about all aspects of pest control.

Learning From Our Clients

I have so many conversations with our clients. Some are petrified of mice, some are horrified of having bed bugs and some are victimized by raccoons. All of these clients are looking to me for comfort and good old fashioned advice on how to get rid of pests. A lot of my blog ideas come directly from telephone conversations with new clients and our fabulous loyal clients.

Offering the Best advice in My Blog

Research, research and more research!  That is the key to what I write. The information I post must be 100% accurate and at the same time easy to read and digest. I think the key to everything in life is information. People cannot make clear and concise decisions without good information.  That is where my blogs come in.  I absolutely love creating them and I sincerely hope that you find them full of the information you need.

If there is a topic I haven’t written about and you want to know more, please email me. I am always up for a challenge!

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