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Creepy Christmas Gifts – Would You Buy Them?

Collage of insect jewellery. Creepy Christmas gifts.

Jewellery designs of insects have been in vogue for a long time. The Georgians and the Victorians definitely loved wearing bug jewellery. However, I think you will agree, these creepy Christmas gifts are just too creepy!

Cockroach Broaches

In 2005, bejeweled Madagascar Hissing Cockroach brooches were highly sought-after by celebrities and everyday fashionistas. The client list included Kim Kardashian, Uma Thurman and one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children. What is the most surprising thing about these Swarovski crystal encrusted bugs? They were still alive when you wore them! They came with a little “leash” so that they would stay put.

Salt Lake City fashion designer Jared Gold designed the brooches. The brooches retailed for $60 to $80 US dollars and could be shipped overnight. Gold explained that the roach broaches enjoyed the warmth of their owner’s body and looked best with light clothing. Evidently, the cockroach brooches came with instructions for care and typically lived a year when taken care of properly with water, fruit, and a clean aquarium.

This is like having jewellery and a pet in one!

Victorian Cricket Pendant Necklace

This lovely Victorian cricket pendant necklace is surrounded by the life cycle of bed bugs!  Would you buy bed bug jewellery???

Rat Diamond Earrings

Genuine Rat’s Feet, chopped off and made into elegant dangle earrings. The earrings would be great to wear for Halloween.  Do you have the stomach to wear them?

Rat Slippers

These slippers are the creepiest Christmas gift I have seen in a long time.  Can you imagine slipping your feet into rat slippers? They look so real.  In fact, I believe they are actually hollowed out rats. Could that be? Yes, of course they would have to have been made by a taxidermist.

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