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Funny Pest Videos

A cartoon of a man standing on a chair afraid of a mouse. Funny pest videos.

Here is a more light hearted look at people and animals reactions to pest sightings.  Absolutely hilarious.  Enjoy these funny pest videos!

Adele Gets Attacked by a Mosquito

Adele was attacked by a cluster of mosquitoes while live onstage at Brisbane, Australia’s Cricket Ground venue. The superstar singer began swatting at the bugs before she tried to run away and escape them. In this clip shared by a fan, the songstress can be seen running around frantically. “I’m sorry, I’m not Australian, I don’t like bugs!” she screamed.

Weatherman vs Cockroach

Searching “weatherman blooper” on YouTube reveals a goldmine of slipups. But this clip, featuring a Florida meteorologist and one scary cockroach, took off. The weatherman in this clip is Justin Mosely, meteorologist for Sarasota station SNN6. He has a rather over-the-top reaction to the appearance of a cockroach (which remains off camera). The clip looks staged, but it isn’t.

A Guy and his Cat Scared of a Rat

This guy tried to catch a rat with his cat and it’s the funniest video of all time. It is like something straight out of a cartoon, especially the ending.

Spider Scare

A man brings a spider into the house and freaks out when it’s on his shirt.

Raccoon in Christmas Tree is a Surprise to the Homeowner

It was 4:30 in the morning and all through the house not a creature was stirring…except for this raccoon.  It was hiding in a woman’s Christmas tree! The raccoon then battled her dog and took refuge on her ceiling lamp before eventually being chased back outside. I would love to know how the raccoon managed to get onto the chandelier!

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