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Don’t Be Spooked by Halloween Pests

the front of a home dressed up forhalloween pests

When the chill of autumn arrives, so do some of the season’s scariest decorations. Witches, ghosts, vampires and mummies are the season’s headliners, but what about their trusty sidekicks? It’s nearly impossible to create a truly spooktacular Halloween display without creepy crawlies like spiders, insects, rats, and mice. But what happens when these frightening decorations become the real thing? It might be time to call in the Halloween pest control experts at Pestcheck.

Haunting Insects

Bed bugs do not spread disease, but they feed on humans leaving behind itchy welts on their victims. They grow to the size of an apple seed and usually come out at night to feed. Bed bugs can live for more than a year without a feeding – what a nightmare!

Cockroaches creepily crawl around your home spreading bacteria wherever they go. Roaches will hide in cracks and crevices, cardboards boxes and can even cause allergies and asthma. They reproduce quickly, so when you see one, there is always more hiding.

Spiders are fast and eerie, especially when you walk through their webs – ick! Some spiders have painful and poisonous bites. No wonder some people have arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Their webs are designed to catch insects for food. Lucky for us, we are not their bait!

Creepy Creatures

Mice and rats are not cute! Many people suffer from musophobia, the fear of mice and rats. Rodents carry disease, leaving a urination and droppings trail wherever they go. They destroy property with their gnawing and can cause fires from gnawing on electrical wires. Rodent removal and rodent control should be top priority for Vancouver homeowners at this time of the year.

Halloween or not, we are not afraid of your dark attic, musty basement or creepy closets. Get rid of scary Halloween pests before they get rid of you!

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