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Honey Bees & Lady Bugs Are A Loved Garden Bug

Honey bees and lady bugs on a purple flower

Honey Bees and Lady Bugs work so hard in our gardens in the summer months.

Lady Bugs eat garden pests like Aphids, Fruit Flies, and Mites to name a few. A single adult Lady Bug can eat up to 50 aphids in a single day.  These cute-looking bugs are good to have around!  But if they have become a nuisance, try planting Mums near the windows and doors of your home.  They don’t like the chemical released from these plants – a good deterrent.  If you find yourself with an infestation of Lady Bugs, we would be happy to assist with a pest control treatment.

Honey Bees collect nectar and pollen to survive, and as they do this, they pollinate flowers and crops. These pollinators are a part of the survival of plants. Wildlife depend on those plants for food and shelter. They are also responsible for an estimated one out of three bites of food that people eat! But this doesn’t mean that you need to let them live in or around your home. We want to have Honey Bees around for a long time, so call a local beekeeper who will only be happy to adopt your unwanted bees.

We know you do not have warm thoughts when they think of wasps. Wasps are a nuisance, but are they also a beneficial pests? The answer is: yes. Wasps eat other insects such as aphids, flies, and caterpillars. Without wasps taking care of these pests we could easily become overrun with them. Believe it or not, Yellow Jackets are known to scavenge for dead insects!

Don’t let garden pests ruin your beautiful outdoor space! Our team of experts is here to help you maintain a healthy and pest-free environment in your garden. Whether you’re located in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby & New West, Coquitlam & Tri-Cities, or Richmond, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services and let us help you enjoy your garden to the fullest!

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