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Keep Pests Out of Your Firewood

insects in a pile of firewood

Temperatures are dropping and winter is coming. Of course this means it’s officially fireplace season. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one looking to stay warm this winter! Don’t let staying warm open your doors to pests; use these tips to enjoy your fireplace without unwelcome guests. Keep insects out of your firewood.

Keep it Dry

Cover your wood pile and make sure there is an airflow. The moister your logs are, the more attractive it is to insects.  And the benefit is your wood will burn better when dry.

Store Firewood Outdoors

Many pests make their homes in wood piles and easily gain access to your home if the pile is nearby. So stack your firewood away from your home and if possible off the ground.  Concrete blocks, bricks, or firewood grates can be used to keep the wood from directly contacting the ground.

insects in a pile of firewood

Check Your Logs

When you bring the logs into your home, check for insects.  A quick look over each log for obvious signs of pest infestation can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Use the “First in/First out” Rule

Use the oldest wood first. Restack the wood pile from time to time, if it makes it easier to access the older logs. This will help to keep pests at a minimum as you are not allowing infestations to build up. Read our guide on defending against fall pests to keep your firewood and home bug-free.

Never Stack Firewood Indoors

Firewood should not be stored indoors in any areas in the home, basement, or garage. Insects can take up residence within the structure of your home. The wood pile can also provide attractive harborage for rodents or other wildlife.

Don’t Treat Firewood with Chemicals

Spraying down your wood with chemicals might seem like an easy way to prevent a pest infestation, but it can be a deadly mistake. Burning firewood that has been treated with chemicals can expose you and your family to toxic fumes, creating a health hazard. For safer alternatives, check out our eco-friendly pest control tips.

Find Bugs in the House?

That’s what we are here for. Give us a call and we will take care of the pests so you can enjoy your roaring fire in peace.

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