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Unicorns of Pest Control – The Women in Pest Control

multicoloured unicorns of pest control

April 9th is Unicorn Day and we are celebrating the Unicorns of Pest Control. Who are they? They are the women in pest control.

50 years ago and more, working in pest control was not suitable for women. It was men’s work. And of course, it isn’t a sexy industry. Obviously, you can’t be squeamish about spiders, rats or bed bugs!  Nevertheless, the work these women do is very important for public health and safety.

Fast forward to 2020

Women around the world are working in offices, heading up sales divisions, working as technicians and running multi-million dollar companies. Many people are surprised by their career choice. However, it actually complements the strengths and qualities that are innate to women. Women are strong communicators and are able to show empathy toward clients.

Oftentimes, they are dealing with other women when entering clients’ homes. This comfortable interaction enables clients to be more open, relaxed, and willing to disclose information. Female technicians are therefore able to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Overall, women working in the field feel they are natural caretakers. They enjoy working in an industry where they are truly helping other people. Moreover, they are contributing to improve their client’s quality of life.

In North America, there are two organizations who support women in our industry; Women in Pest Control and Professional Women in Pest Management.  Both of these organization provide women with training and support through their websites, Facebook groups and annual conferences.

Women in pest control have certainly come a long way in the past 50 years. Let’s hear it for the Unicorns of pest control!!!

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