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a cartoon lady running away from a swarm of wasps. Wasp stings

Get That Wasp OFF Me!

Summer is finally here. Time to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and enjoy the great outdoors! But wait…..there’s a problem….and it is buzzing all around you. Yes, those

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Swimming Pool Water Bugs

No one wants water bugs in their pool. And there’s nothing quite so disheartening as going out for a swim only to discover a layer of dead flies floating on the

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bed bug on a hand in a bedroom. the bed bug attraction

The Bed Bug Attraction

Why are bed bugs attracted to humans? As their name suggests, bed bugs are commonly found in and around beds. But, have you ever wondered why these pests are drawn

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Photos of bugs for world pest day
Beyond Pest Control

World Pest Day

A Brief History on World Pest Day Every June 6 is World Pest Day or sometimes called World Pest Awareness Day. The day was created to raise awareness of how

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