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St Patrick afraid of snakes on St Patrick's Day
Beyond Pest Control

St Patrick’s Day Pest Control

There are many reasons people love to celebrate St Patrick’s Day: – the transition from winter to spring, – the ability to enjoy a holiday without buying presents; and –

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a lady lying on a sofa on a balcony with peace of mind
Beyond Pest Control

We Sell Peace of Mind

Over the years, you would have likely had your share of unwanted guests; in-laws staying over for the holidays or old friends from college who outstay their welcome, but none

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The Covid19 pandemic. Man lifting a mattress.
Beyond Pest Control

COVID19 Pandemic and Bed Bugs

Nothing in our lifetime has created such a shift in human behavior as the current Covid19 pandemic. From the way children learn to the way adults work, this global pandemic

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A family of raccoons on a pipe
Urban Wildlife

The Raccoon Nation

The Raccoon Nation in your yard can be a real problem. These urban scavengers are ravenously hungry and will happily eat almost anything. Raccoons have eaten potatoes out of gardens,

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moisture ants

How to Get Rid of Moisture Ants

When planning your spring get-togethers, you want to make sure you have removed a few guests from the list. As temperatures begin to rise, moisture ants dig out of underground

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