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Spring Cleaning for Pests

Spring cleaning sign with gardening tools, flowers and ribbon

Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to jump into action and spruce up your backyard, clean the deck and pull out that BBQ. How about getting a jump start on your pest control before the onslaught of pests invade your home and backyard? Start spring cleaning and outsmart the pests.

It’s a common myth that bugs go away or die during the winter months. In fact, they stay warm and reproduce inside your basement, your attic or the walls of your home. Then when the warmer weather starts, they migrate outside. Avoid pest problems by spring cleaning up these areas of your home or business:


We use our closets to store a lot of items. Don’t let moths or beetles build populations in your closets. Take the time to remove all of your stored items from the closet. Then place them in an open space where you can examine each item for bugs or signs of bug damage. Prior to returning the items, sweep, dust, and disinfect the floor and shelves of your closet. Don’t forget to vacuum up any spider webs you see.

Basements & Attics

Just like our closets, our basements and attics tend to be storage spaces filled to the brim. However, unlike our closets, they can often be neglected or left unentered for days or weeks at a time. This lessens the chance of noticing an insect or rodent problem beginning or becoming more severe. Are there items in your basement and attic you no longer need? Are there corners of these rooms you haven’t seen in a long time, due to clutter? Discard or donate the items you no longer need. Clean the entire perimeter of your basement and attic and wipe down dust collecting on your stored items. Give your entire space and all the items stored in them a thorough inspection for possible pest.


There are plenty of food particles around your kitchen that will attract common pests like flies, ants and rodents. Clean out your pantries, fridge and cabinets. Remove any expired foods, empty boxes and unused dishes collecting dust in your cabinets. While your cabinets and drawers are empty, scrub them with kitchen cleaner and afterwards, sweep and mop your floor. Once you have removed all old or decaying food items from your cabinets and fridge, immediately seal your garbage bag and take it outside.


The bathroom is a really common place for cockroaches, ants, silverfish and spiders to appear. Sometimes, they even come up the drains! That’s why you should make sure to pour bleach down your bathtub and sink drains from time to time. This will ensure you’re reaching all the spots where bugs may be crawling. Regularly wipe down all of the bathroom’s surfaces and ensure that no moisture is pooling in any areas, such as behind the toilet or next to the bathtub.


Your bedroom closet might be all cleaned out, but what about under the bed? Make sure no clutter is hiding any pest issues. Thoroughly check your mattress, box spring, pillows and bedding for bed bugs. You can extend this practice to your living room as well.


Halfway between being an inside space and an outdoor space, your garage is extremely susceptible to pest infestations. Build shelves so that all stored items such as boxes and tools are lifted off of the floor. Sweep regularly and watch for any plumbing leaks or other leaks due to rain outdoors. Make sure the bottom of your garage door is sealed properly with weather stripping or a protective rubber seal. And remember, if your exterior garage door is open, make sure to keep the interior door closed or screened at all times.

If you follow our advice, your spring cleaning chores will keep the pests at bay. For peace of mind, get rid of those ants or silverfish before they really become a problem. Call us on (778) 903-7378 for an appointment. You won’t regret it!

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